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Guest rooms
Our single rooms and double rooms which have been recently renovated and refurnished are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping environment for all guests.  


Conference Hall
The Conference Hall of Centro Ad Gentes is brand new. This fully air-conditioned Hall was built to accommodate the growing needs of religious organizations and institutions for their chapters, retreats, conferences and planning sessions. It can be used totally independent of other activities. With a sitting capacity of 140 persons, the conference hall offers many amenities.


Liturgical Functions/Chapels
Centro Ad Gentes is home to four chapels. The main chapel seats 150 persons. There are three smaller chapels and are available for guests attending meetings and conferences. These chapels reflect the intercultural charism and vision of the Divine Word Missionaries.
Mass in Italian is celebrated daily at the Annunciation Chapel as well as Lodes and Vespers.


Dining/Food Services
Centro Ad Gentes has two main dining rooms that can hold two groups. They are located on the ground floor facing Lake Nemi.
The house serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and are basically Italian cuisine.
Coffee and tea are available at any time from the machines in the corridor. Located in the dining room is a machine with sodas which operates with coins.